Environmental History of Lake Tahoe


Incline Village is one of several communities in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Incline Village’s General Improvement District (IVGID) is in charge of much of its resident’s lives. People enjoy Tahoe for its summer beauty and access to amazing winter sports.

Although delegation of land development goes to larger organizations outside of IVGID’s jurisdiction, they are nonetheless an important cog in keeping Tahoe beautiful and clean.

This website is designed to show the efforts and struggles that the Lake Tahoe Basin has faced since Americans have discovered it, over 150 years ago.

The problem that arises with keeping Tahoe blue is the existence of communities. Admirably, the communities around the basin understand their home and its fragility, and conduct their lives in response to that, but the economy still needs to be stimulated. People need to feed their families.

While you can staunchly defend protecting the lake, to argue the suffering of people as the cost for it would most likely fall on deaf ears. Prominent figures in legislation that control the fate of the lake also have the fate of its citizens to handle and as such, problems arise.

Above is an interview with the head trustee of IVGID on her concerns about her community, and what issues she is tasked with solving. Among other things, she is in charge of the general happiness of the town, and has several ways to deliver services.

According to her, education on community programs that directly affect the towns and wilderness in Tahoe fall is one of the most important things to advocate.

Everything comes together to make the Tahoe Basin stay clean, while remaining a prosperous environment and desirable place to live.

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