Learn The Mormon Foot-Trail

As early as 1846, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints began expanding from Utah to the surrounding areas, which would later become Nevada and Idaho; in 1851, Genoa would become the first major settlement in the Nevada territory and other settlements and trading posts would pop up through the years until 1857, when all members of the LDS church were called back to Utah in preparations for the US military’s arrival and the subsequent Utah War. After this minor conflict, major settlements didn’t begin appearing in Nevada again until ten years later when Moapa Valley appeared until eventually, Pahrump, Nevada was settled in the early 1900’s. Click One of the Sections Below to Learn More!

Settling the New Frontier: Nevada (1846-1857)

The Return to Utah (1857)

Moving Into The Valley (1940-Present)

Know The Town

Originally a small Paiute settlement, settlers from Utah and other parts of the Western United States began farming in the valley in the early 1900’s, due to the discovery of artesian wells and served mainly as a rest stop for cattle-drivers delivering shipments of food and supplies from Moapa to parts of California. Since then, the town has grown to nearly forty-thousand residents and still serves as the largest checkpoint and rest-stop from southern Nevada to California.
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The Settlement

Seventy-Three Years Of History

The Town Today

Meet The Families

Although many families from the LDS church reside in the valley, The Bowman, Wulfenstein and Murphy families are a few of the most prominent, renown or historically instrumental within the town.
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The Bowman Family

The Wulfenstein Family

The Murphy Family