About the Project

About the Project

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The reason why I choose Sexual Assault is because, the is on the rise of today’s modern world. Although, the topic itself has existed for a while, it has been highlighted more during the MeToo movement era, in which more and more victims of sexual assault have been coming forward with their stories. The rise of awareness of sexual assault has led more and more studies to be done over the topic, as well as more action against it. A study done by the U.S Department of Justice finds that from 2016 to 2017, there has been a 17.2% increase in cases of sexual assault/rape reported to police. 1 Furthermore, a study done by Vox shows that since April 2017, more than 260 Celebrities, CEO’S, and politicians have been accused of some form of sexual misconduct. 2

After spending more time on this project, I have seen that while awareness has been on the rise, so has action from both sides of the topics history. While we have seen a rise in people being more outspoken about their traumatizing experience, of being a victim of sexual assault, we also see those trying to shut those voices down.

Take the case of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Prior to become a justice on the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh had a uphill battle to go through, in order to become a justice. Kavanaugh was faced with not one, but three different people accusing him of sexual assault. Although out of all three victims, one was at the forefront, Christine Blassy. Despite Blassy’s bravery of going to various public hearings in order to prevent Kavanaugh to become a justice, victory was not on her side. Not only did Blasey efforts fail, but she has been suffering an onslaught of death threats, even after Kavanaugh was approved for the supreme court. 3

Christine Blasey Ford testifying in front of congress against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Courtesy of CreativeCommons

It is cases like Blassy that has made me interested in the topic of sexual assault. Why do people choose so long to report? why do people get sexual assaulted? Why do people not believe victims of sexual assault? What even counts as sexual assault? Why is there a rise of sexual assault cases on college campuses? How does it effect our students/victims?

This website is the result of the questions I ask. Its a guide to not only better understand why sexual assault exist, but also a guide on how can we counter it.

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