New Chapter on Campus

The Delta Nu chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi (AOII) is the youngest sorority on the UNR campus. It was founded just four years ago in 2015. The chapter was brought on by the university and had the support of nearby alumni and active members to get established.

Linsey Forbes was the first President of the Delta Nu chapter. She was recruited by alumni to be a charter member and was voted in as the president by the other charter members.

Though Forbes was only an active member for one year she has stayed very involved with the chapter as an alumni. Because of this, she has seen the chapter evolve in many ways since it first began.

The first recruitment that AOII participated in was less that organized. Going into recruitment they filled out a packet detailing how recruitment would operate. However, due to some miscommunication the women found themselves underdressed compared to the other chapter.

Recruitment was also the first time events for the sorority had been mandatory which made the process even more challenging. however, it has become easier each year since.

Philanthropy events have also evolved. Philanthropy is the charity cause that a sorority supports and raises money for. The sorority’s first philanthropy event was “Strike Out Arthritis” which involves AOII partnering with a local baseball team. This event was well organized by the alumni involved since they had seen it done before.

However, AOII has since tried to set up independent philanthropy events which have been less organized. There have been many clever renditions such as “A – O – Pie Night.”

Forbes believes that AOII is a chapter that values individuality and coming together to accomplish their goals.