Online Resources


  1. Library of Congress
  2. Digital Public Library of America
  3. Filkr Creative Commons
  4. Primary Source Guide (Campus Guides)
  5. HIST 300a Course Guide
  6. Calisphere (California Digital Library)
  7. New York Public Library Digital Collections
  8. Google News Archive
    1. Google News Archive List 1
  9. Local Newspapers (Newspaper Source)
  10. The Internet Archive
  11. Google Books
  13. List of Online Archives (Webcampus)
  14. List of 250 online archives / catalogs
    1. UNR Interlibrary Loan 2
  15. UNR Digital Collections
  16. UNR Special Collections
  17. UNR Nevada Census Project
  18. UNR Microfilm Collections
  19. How to Search Google


  1. the links here don’t work, but you can use this to get a sense of what is available
  2. You can request materials from Worldcat or from other archives. If you are using ILL, you’ll need to make sure you get the request in sooner than later, as it can take several weeks. This is a great resource for your project, however!